The Knucklehead’s Greatest Hits


If you’re just discovering The Gentleman Knucklehead, welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I’ve been posting essays since September of 2013, and as of this writing in October of 2014, that’s over 60 essays. If you’re looking for a place to get started, I’ve picked eleven posts that have been popular, representative of the blog, or particular favorites of mine. Here they are in chronological order:

Jackie Chan and The Knucklehead  My son’s journey through a community Tae Kwon Do program, and the role of action movies in a martial arts childhood.

Blog Bog and The Knucklehead  A letter to my boy, in which I nail down what I mean to be doing with this blog, and how its success might be measured.

The Oscars and The Knucklehead  Every family has its rites of passage. Ours involved watching the Oscars together in a hotel room in Las Vegas when he was seven. What, and yours doesn’t?

World Book Night and The Knucklehead  A look back on the role of books in my boy’s life, and passing the joys of reading down the generations.

The Bechdel Test and The Knucklehead  On teaching our sons (and daughters) a simple way to be better aware of how women are being portrayed in popular culture, and why that’s important.

Beer and The Knucklehead  To drink or not to drink as a parent? How do you explain yourself to your child if you do? My choices explained.

Michael Sam and The Knucklehead  A generational look at attitudes toward the LGBT community around us.

The Atheist and The Knucklehead, Part 1  My journey from Christianity to atheism, and how I tried to remain true to myself and my boy as he grew up between theologically diverse households. First of a four-part series.

Divorce and The Knucklehead  One dad’s advice for staying focused as a parent when a marriage falls apart.

A Road Trip with The Knucklehead  A father/son trip to Cooperstown, including the benefits of a B&B and how to pee en route.

Woof.  On the love of dogs.

Read two or three posts of your choice. If you don’t like any of them, thanks for giving my blog a fair chance. I can’t ask more than that. But if you do like what you read, come back often for more. And if you have a favorite that isn’t listed here, let me know in the comments below.

Writing this stuff is sometimes hard work. But it’s fun, too. Thanks for joining me.


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