Yes, recipes. Pipe down. I’m not going all Martha Stewart on you. I’m just storing some of my recipes on this blog. For if/when The Knucklehead wants them some day. And so I can have them all in one place instead of on a hundred scraps of paper stashed all over the kitchen.

I started cooking when I was about 12, when my mother went back to college. I say “started cooking” instead of “learned to cook” because I never really had any kind of instruction. My mother passed on some things she had learned from her mother, which taught me that the old “Telegraph” game where a bunch of people sit in a circle and whisper something down the line until it becomes hilariously distorted had its origins in the kitchen. Except the results of this game aren’t usually hilarious, just bland. I taught myself through some things my mother taught me, by reading cookbooks, and through a lot of trial and error. I’m still learning.

These are recipes I’ve used with The Knucklehead as he was growing up. If he has comfort food, you’ll find it here. Recipes will be added randomly, haphazardly. Where I have a source for a recipe, I’ll cite it. The rare times I’ve completely made something up, I’ll tell you that, too.

These aren’t the best recipes for any of these dishes by a long shot. Some recipes are actually wrong, some intentionally so. Nor are these necessarily the healthiest versions. They’re just what we’ve chowed down on over the years. Make any of them yourself at your own risk. Almost all of them have stories attached, which is the best thing about any family recipe after all.

Bon appétit!

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