About Me, and This

My name is Peter Johansson, and I’m a father, a writer, and a nurse. I live in Olympia, Washington with my outrageous dog, Hugo, but much of what you’ll read here happened in rural Pennsylvania, where I lived for a long time. The best thing I ever did was raise a beautiful young man, so I’ll write stories about raising him in an ethically deliberate way, and try to get across what I was thinking at the time. If I’m a good enough writer, you’ll get a sense of how much it’s been a hoot along the way. Should you do the same things with your kid that I did with mine? Probably not. But I learned as a parent long ago that you never know where the next good idea will come from, so I read and listened to everything that I could, and decided for myself. Keeping that in mind, maybe there’s something here someone can use. Or at least bend to fit her own parenting.

Oh, yes. Expect a lot of talk about movies and baseball. We found them to be our most frequented ethical classrooms.


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