A Father’s Thoughts on Encountering a Topless Woman on a Foreign Beach

Recently, My Bride and I spent a week at a resort in Cancun.* One morning I was enjoying a long walk on the beach when I encountered a woman sunbathing topless. Face up. To my knowledge, this was not a dedicated nude beach; indeed, I had minutes ago walked by a family playing in the water. What follows is the actual transcript of a brief mental conversation I had with Myself upon making this discovery:

Me: “Oh my god! That woman is topless! What if little kids were to see that?!”

Myself: “Then, I suppose, they would see an adult woman’s breasts.”

Me: “But….”

Myself: [pause]

Me: “Oh.”


*She was there giving a lecture at a medical conference. I tagged along in the capacity of Trophy Husband.

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