An Open Letter to Movie Theater Employees Working Christmas

Working holidays, especially holidays you love, sucks. That’s something even we atheists understand, even if we can be a little slow to concede that. From last Christmas Eve, my thanks to those at the front lines of the movie business who don’t really want to drag their butts to work when everyone else in the house is still in their pajamas.

The Gentleman Knucklehead

Dear Ticket Sellers, Ticket Takers, Managers, Projectionists, Concession Workers, Assistant Managers, and Custodial Staff,

Some of you will have to go to work tomorrow when so many of the rest of us will spend the day at home with our families. Especially if Christmas is a deeply meaningful holiday for you, going to work tomorrow may bring with it some bitterness. After all, nobody “needs” to go to the movies on Christmas Day. I’m a nurse, by profession. I understand the need for me to work holidays; it’s what I signed on for when I went to nursing school. Same for doctors, cops, fire fighters, armed forces personnel, hotel employees, public utility workers, et cetera. I don’t begrudge my patients “making me” come to work on weekends and holidays. Their need is far greater than mine. And though I can’t speak for all nurses, I can tell you that I haven’t worked a…

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