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A Father’s Thoughts on Encountering a Topless Woman on a Foreign Beach

Recently, My Bride and I spent a week at a resort in Cancun.* One morning I was enjoying a long walk on the beach when I encountered a woman sunbathing topless. Face up. To my knowledge, this was not a dedicated nude … Continue reading

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What To Do With Your Loser Son

This blog post isn’t for you, Knucks. You’re excused from this one. And it’s not for those who are regular readers, or were kind enough to subscribe. I’ll see all you folks next week. This post is for those of … Continue reading

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The Mortification of The Knucklehead

“Stand up. I think I can get us on the Jumbotron.” These words, uttered by me, never used to strike fear (or at least disgust) into the heart of The Knucklehead. If you’ve been to a major league ballpark in … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Movie Theater Employees Working Christmas

Originally posted on The Gentleman Knucklehead:
Dear Ticket Sellers, Ticket Takers, Managers, Projectionists, Concession Workers, Assistant Managers, and Custodial Staff, Some of you will have to go to work tomorrow when so many of the rest of us will spend the…

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