The Lettered Knucklehead

A re-post from last fall, when The Knucklehead was a college freshman. A year later, and the weekly letter is still something I look forward to writing every Tuesday at the pub. For The Knucklehead’s part, he showed me a box in which he’s kept them all. Really, you should try this, even if only monthly. You can do monthly. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is.

The Gentleman Knucklehead

The Knucklehead is 19. He’s away at university, and in the transition from Home Dad to Away Dad, a new routine has emerged. Every Tuesday evening (often at my local pub) I take pen in hand and write him an actual paper letter, which is snail-mailed the next morning. I love doing this. Here’s why you will, too.

The Gentleman Knucklehead presents:

8 Reasons Everyone Should Write Letters to Their Grown Knuckleheads

1. Seriously, how cool is an actual letter? Letters are retro. They’re old school. There’s a heft to them e-mails lack.

2. You get to say what you want to say, how you want to say it. If you have something important to say, a face-to-face talk can be daunting. Your Knucklehead may be impatient, bored, interruptive. When we talk about important things with our children, we feel like we’re on stage, and that’s intimidating. There may be distractions. With a letter…

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