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O Knucklehead! My Knucklehead!

O Knucklehead! My Knucklehead! Sleek, slim-limbed, spryful, soaringĀ over field, through sky! Light as a lark, yet tiger-fearful on the charge! Champion of the summer morn, seizer of the game! What game? All games! Baseball! Soccer! Boy-chase-dog! Kick-some! Sprint-some! Joy-some! Boy-some! … Continue reading

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World Book Night and The Knucklehead

STAND BACK EVERYONE! I’m going to try to add a link to my blog post. I don’t usually do this, and I want to make sure I don’t start a fire or pull a hammy or anything, so here goes. … Continue reading

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The Bechdel Test and The Knucklehead

I never actually had the chance to discuss the Bechdel Test with my knucklehead as he was growing up, because I only just found out about it this week. My friend Barth alerted me to it just this past Monday … Continue reading

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Walt Disney and The Knucklehead, Part 2

Part 1 of this post concerned three films that I used as an alternative to Disney movies as my knucklehead was growing up. Not that we boycotted Mr. Disney’s products; we did not. But your knucklehead needs to know what … Continue reading

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