My Favorite Blog

Saving My Life is a relatively new blog, and it’s already my favorite. It doesn’t matter which post you read, but the one I’ve tagged here is my favorite thus far. In the interests of full disclosure, I’m lucky enough to count Natalie among my close friends in the non-digital world, but that makes no difference in my enjoyment of her writing. I don’t like to waste my friend’s time with links that aren’t worthy of interest, and it would be blogocide to waste the time of what readership I’ve been able to cobble together thus far. Poke around her blog, and you’ll find wonderful and guilt-free advice for journaling and writing in your own life.

And, yes, I’m aware that if people regularly read Saving My Life it means I’ll have to start writing better, just to keep up. It’ll be fun trying, failing, and dusting myself off and trying again. Challenge humbly and gratefully accepted. And again, Brava, Natalie!

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