Really Useful Parental Advice and The Knucklehead

If you read a few of my posts in succession, I think you’ll find a theme emerges, and that theme is this: “Wow. This guy overthinks everything.”

Yeah, guilty as charged.

When the time came to unleash The Knucklehead on the wide world, I considered gifting him with a grand list of necessary moral imperatives. The family values, condensed and encapsulated in bullet-point form in a handsomely-bound journal, or framed handcrafted needlepoint… whatever. I couldn’t do it. It just seemed superfluous (not to mention incredibly pompous). The important stuff had long since been internalized, and if it hadn’t, well, there wasn’t much I could do about it now, no matter what font or medium I used.

Nah, The Knucklehead was good. He had (and has) my trust. But still, some Really Useful Parental Advice (RUPA) seemed to be called for upon graduating high school. So here’s what I came up with. I share it with you now, as a sort of philosophical stocking-stuffer:

1. Try not to walk the leadoff hitter.

2. Never cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink.

3. Whenever someone says, “I’m not prejudiced/racist/sexist/homophobic/elitist/hateful, but…” the next words out of their mouth are going to be something unapologetically prejudiced/racist/sexist/homophobic/elitist/hateful.

What’s your RUPA?

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5 Responses to Really Useful Parental Advice and The Knucklehead

  1. Barth Keck says:

    When choosing a career, do what you love and love what you do. Very original, I know. But so true.

  2. Shannon says:

    I like the idea of “philosophical stocking stuffers.” Actually, I wish my stocking would be filled with bits of philosophical wisdom. New tradition? Anyway, Barth’s advice above reminded me of something I just heard this week which I liked. When it comes to a career:”Do what you would pay to do. Because you are paying, with your life.” Something like that.

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