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An Open Letter to Movie Theater Employees Working Christmas

Dear Ticket Sellers, Ticket Takers, Managers, Projectionists, Concession Workers, Assistant Managers, and Custodial Staff, Some of you will have to go to work tomorrow when so many of the rest of us will spend the day at home with our families. … Continue reading

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Really Useful Parental Advice and The Knucklehead

If you read a few of my posts in succession, I think you’ll find a theme emerges, and that theme is this: “Wow. This guy overthinks everything.” Yeah, guilty as charged. When the time came to unleash The Knucklehead on the … Continue reading

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The Friend Flush and The Knucklehead

The Knucklehead, like his Papa, tends toward the introvert. That’s not to say he lacks social skills, or doesn’t enjoy the company of friends. He does. But, like all introverts, it’s from within that he draws his strength, his refreshment. … Continue reading

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The Cheatin’ Knucklehead, Part 2

Well, this year I’m told the team did well because one pitcher had a fine curve ball. I understand that a curve ball is thrown with a deliberate attempt to deceive. Surely this is not an ability we should want … Continue reading

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